Ashburn, US
39.0438, -77.4874
Current time 15:56 (GMT-04:00, America/New York)

New Moon 2024

Next New Moon 04.08.2024

Distance from Earth 396924.72kmMoonrise 06:06 Moonset 20:49

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What is a new moon?

A new moon is a lunar phase when the Moon is not visible in the sky. This is because the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned in a straight line, and the sunlight is illuminating the dark side of the Moon, leaving the Moon in between the Sun and Earth.

How does a new moon affect tides?

Like a full moon, a new moon also causes a higher than usual tide. This is because the tidal peaks created by the Sun and Moon occur at the same time due to the alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is a phenomenon when the Moon partially or completely blocks the Sun from reaching the Earth. This can only occur during a new moon when the Moon is aligned with the Sun and Earth. A solar eclipse is a rare and dramatic event that lasts only a few minutes, and its impact is limited to certain areas on the Earth's surface where the eclipse is visible.

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