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39.0438, -77.4874
Current time 13:47 (GMT-04:00, America/New York)

Full Moon 2023

Next Full Moon 29.09.2023

Distance from Earth 367075.58kmMoonset 07:08 Moonrise 19:15

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What is a full moon

A full moon is a lunar phase that is seen when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun in a way that the Moon's surface reflects the sunlight fully towards the Earth. This lunar phase has been a fascinating phenomenon for centuries, and it has been the subject of many myths and stories in different cultures around the world. If the Moon is closest to the Earth during the time of a full moon, it is called a supermoon.

How does a full moon affect tides?

A full moon causes the surface of the ocean to rise, creating a higher tide than normal. This is because during a full moon, the Earth, Moon, and Sun align in a straight line, and the tidal peaks created by the Moon and Sun occur at the same time.

Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon so that the Earth's shadow covers the Moon. This can only happen during a full moon, but it does not occur every month because the Moon does not orbit the Earth in the same plane as the Earth orbits the Sun.

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